This is a trek that never fails to startle you with its wonders. Traversing across meadows that are formed against two undulating valleys mesmerizes you with magic. Forests and clearings ensuing each other guide you to your basecamps. It is widely believed that Hampta pass is one of the most popular treks, thus touring it once in a lifetime is worthwhile. The trek is not only about inclining up to the elevation of 14,010 ft. but is about relaxing and exhaling exhaustion of daily life while getting involved in the nomadic life.

Hidimba temple – To start the trek from Jobra, one has to reach Manali where you find the Hidimba temple once built by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in 1553 CE in the reminiscence of Devi Hidimba who meditated in a cave surrounded by the temple. The temple is built following pagoda-like architecture. A visit to the temple energizes oneself to kickstart the trek. Offer prayers at the temple or just immerse into the spirituality surrounding it. Observe the ecosystem of the temple and learn about the culture of the inhabitants.

Crossing Rani Nalah – This is one of the most interesting things in this trek. The crossover at Rani Nalah is dramatic and offers one the experience of never forgetting this trail. The water that flows through this river is consequentially the melting glaciers from the alpines. The chilly water coincides with a rocky stream bed making it troublesome to cross yet thrill does not abandon the encounter.

Engaging Flora and Fauna – While traversing through the meadows blessed by nature, flora and fauna do not let you avoid the beauty but halt you to spend some time with them. The picturesque valley compels you to click cinematic pictures that would further glorify your social media accounts. Different varieties of flowers and their intense odor sensitize you. The adorable animals would compel you to play with them such as horses and the sheep.

Camping and Chilling – Especially in the case of Hampta, the campsites are located along river streams that make this journey incredible. After a long haul of the trek, resting in the campsites and hearing what the fast-flowing river narrates about its never-ending journey, resist you from leaving it unfinished. Neither the celestial sky leaves you alone in the night and makes you fall in love with it.

Resonate with the height – The peak or the accomplishment of the trek to the height of 14,010 ft. above sea level is another exhilarating moment. Atop the Hampta Pass, your vibes resonate with the wind that passes through your heart and energizes you with snowscape. You can also have your lunch at the peak. However, it is suggested no to tarry much and after inhaling its beauty you should descend to Chatru.

Chandratal delight – After the descent to Chatru, proceeding for another 29 km through a ride, you can visit Chandratal. The enchanting destination will never let you leave the place. To embrace its magnificent beauty, you can camp there for a day. Chandra is a location emulating the essence of a fairy tale. The unrealistic reality makes you wonderstruck.


The Hampta Pass trek is a monsoon trek and nature unfolds its beauty at Hampta during the downfall of the monsoon. The rainfall does not account for more than a while of rain. However, the actual beauty of the valley unleashes during the season. During the winter season, the valley receives tremendous snowfall, and hikers are prohibited. As the trek ascends towards Lahaul you realize the barren cold desert there. Passing through the meadows which are flocked by sheep and goats says a lot about the occupation of the shepherds. Each year Hampta allures a major proportion of tourists from miles apart.