A workplace can function best when all the employees exercise proper coordination and team spirit while working with each other. Businesses worldwide often make their employees indulge in different team-building activities to grow and teach the notion of team spirit.

Breakout escape rooms are a great team outing in Bangalore, offering a curious form of team-building exercise. Escape rooms are one of the most poignant team-building activities that facilitate teams to enhance their communication and creative-thinking abilities alongside improving team spirit.


This article has compiled some of the essential factors that make escape rooms brilliant for corporate team outings. So, check it out now:

1.       Escape rooms express the strengths and weaknesses 

Escape games thrive on the notion of tricky and challenging puzzles and riddles. The escape rooms are known for their curious ability to trigger players towards portraying their strengths and weaknesses in front of everyone else.

You may discover that one of your teammates is good at making decisions under pressure, or someone else is good at solving tricky riddles! Hence, you never know what you will learn about that quiet and introverted colleague by playing these games. Therefore, the escape rooms can help your employees to get to know each other on a more personal level than earlier, helping them to work better together.

2.       Motivate your employees to work efficiently! 

When the workplace procures a dull and depressive atmosphere, your employees may feel a consequent lack of motivation to work. Under such circumstances, you can make your employees participate in an escape room adventure to bring them out of their boredom.


The fun and excitement of playing escape games can help you to motivate your workers to pour in their best efforts and work hard to achieve victory. Therefore, making your employees play an escape game encourages them to work better than before with a renewed motivation to drive them.

3.       Improve collaboration amongst your employees. 

When co-workers build a strong relationship with each other, they can work much better at the office too! Escape rooms can facilitate your employees to enhance their collaborative potential as they run around the escape room hunting for puzzles and trying to solve them.


Escape rooms build an effective communication stream, helping employees manage conflicts more effectively at work. Thus, you can enhance employees’ collaborative working potential by making them indulge in escape room games.

4.       It helps players to work on their time management abilities

No matter where you go, time management is one of the essential skills to possess. The escape rooms provide only a specified time limit to solve the escape room, making it vital for players to divide the entire time judiciously.


Since players learn to manage their time judiciously in the game, they can successively benefit from learning to complete their work within the deadline. In this way, employees can gather the importance of time management by playing the escape game!

5.       Escape rooms offer a budget-friendly team-building activity 

In contrast to any other team-building activity, escape rooms are surprisingly pocket-friendly since you only need to pay for the training! Instead, if you opt for the former, you will have to pay for food and lodging and the team-building training.


Escape rooms have recently experienced immense popularity, leading to the consequent growth of many new and original escape room ventures. So, all you need to do is look for a suitable escape game and book the room for your team. Hence, escape rooms can be a surprisingly pocket-friendly team-building exercise for your employees to participate in together.


These are some reasons that make escape games so immensely beneficial for corporate team-building activities. So, why don’t you try an escape room game with your employees?