There are many methods of the solar panel cleaning system but generally, they are majorly divided into two parts, one is a commercial or industrial solar panel cleaning system and the second is a utility-scale solar panel cleaning system. Although the automatic cleaning method is quite common, however, there are other methods also depending on the type of solar panel that one has at home. Avoid using a pressure washer


  • Try to control the usage of water.
  • Try to perform an automatic cleaning process as it boosts the integrity of the service at the same time reduces the cost of the service.


Commercial Or Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning System


The commercial or industrial solar the panel cleaning system is one of the major prototypes of the solar panel cleaning process. This type of cleaning system includes a certain number of risks as they are often placed on the rooftop or off the ground. Each of the solar panel installations is distinct because the manufacturers don’t evaluate the matter of cleaning at the time of its production.


  1. M-XY Semi is a robot-driven technology that can be controlled with remote control. The robot travels on the XY axis and is very identical to running a remote-control car. This system mandates a high cost due to the high productivity level. There are various XY semi robots accessible in the market but it’s highly advisable to obtain by CLEANER due to its low tear price and advanced technology. This system is safer than manual process.
  2. X-axis fixed robot is another type of solar panel cleaning system that is run and controlled by an operator. This type of robot functions very easily if the propensity levels are high. These types of robots are customized


Manual Solar Panel Cleaning System


A manual solar panel cleaning system is another prototype of a cleaning process that includes manual labour. This cleaning system is costly in terms of labor rates and detriments correlated. Since this cleaning system includes manual labour, it is easy to use and therefore perfect who are not aware of automation technology. This system is totally manual labour driven so more manual labour means more chances of drawbacks. The frequent occurrence of accidents is also a disadvantage of this system and high water consumption also create some hindrances in this system.


solar panel

Utility-Scale Solar Panel Cleaning System


The the utility-scale solar panel cleaning system is another major prototype of the cleaning system of solar panels. This system is divided into three major parts that are following.


  • T Power is a system that is quite expensive due to its requirement for a hydraulic arm, a moving brush with advanced technology sensors and a tractor. This system is perfect for cleaning the utility-scale solar panel but can not be used in the desert area. This type of system can not be used on every utility-scale solar system.
  • M-Semi is another category of the utility-scale solar panel cleaning system. In this system, the operators adjust the robot to do dry cleaning or wet cleaning as per the requirements. Due to semi-automation technology, this system is more expensive than the T-Powered solar panel cleaning system.
  • Auto and smart solar panel cleaning system is another example of solar panel cleaning technique. This system is fully automatic and completely robot-driven, no manual labour or operator assistance is needed to run this system. Due to its zero need for human assistance make this system competent for use in extremely remote areas.


So these are all about the various solar panel cleaning system and their boons or bans. If you find this article illustrative do let us approach. Also, you can use the hyperbolic coating methods, use self-cleaning nanodomes, use microcontroller-based methods which need attention and a certain practice. The experienced cleaners can work accordingly.